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Leafy Brioche is Nancy’s third Brioche Knitting book with 8 new fresh knitting patterns.

Stephen West describes this book as “Nancy Marchant, the Queen of Brioche, brings brioche stitch into uncharted territory with the elegant Leafy Brioche collection. She provides the knitter with beautiful charts and explanations so we can visually follow her clever patterns and innovative stitch motifs. Some of the leafy designs combine brioche stitch with other textures like linen and garter stitch. This playful interplay of color and texture is just a sampling of the infinite possibilities with brioche. The masterful photography and signature styling by Alexandra Feo perfectly accentuate the fanciful designs. As a self-confessed brioche addict, I can’t recommend this empowering technique enough. Nancy is a knitting pioneer and her new collection makes it an exciting time to be a knitter. Catch the brioche bug and knit some Leafy Brioche!”

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Tuck Stitches Discover beautiful, reversible fabrics with more than 90 original stitch patterns and 8 exquisite scarf, cowl, and blanket patterns. Join the exciting world of tuck stitch knitting and create textures that personify sophistication. Nancy Marchant, aka the Mother of Brioche, will walk you through this exciting new stitch design technique. You will come away with inspiration to fashion your own “Tuck Stitches”.

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